Speedway returns to Eastern Creek

Speedway Racing made a welcome and long-overdue return to Sydney last night with an exciting relaunch event at Sydney International Speedway at Eastern Creek.

The event was a success, with over 3000 spectators in attendance to enjoy an exciting night of racing.

Fans were able to watch their heroes drive Fender Benders, Late Models, and Sprint Cars on the newly reprofiled track, which allowed the drivers to show off their skills.

Spectators enjoyed improved facilities and experienced many exciting finishes throughout the night.

Families could ‘meet and greet’ their heroes before and after the racing, adding to the fan experience.

The evening also saw several Speedway ‘Legends’ in attendance, including Sid Hopping, Dick Briton and Steve Brazier.

Speedway racing in Sydney suffered when the previous government closed the Parramatta Speedway but failed to successfully re-open the track at its new Eastern Creek location.

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