Pet-friendly workplaces

Has your business considered allowing employees to bring their pets into the workplace? Check out some tips to help you create a pet-friendly workplace.

Having a pet in the workplace can help reduce stress levels and boost morale. So, has your business thought about becoming pet-friendly?

Before becoming a pet-friendly workplace, it’s important to consider the interests of all your employees and the welfare of the animals.

Tips to help become a pet-friendly workplace:

A pet-friendly workplace takes planning, and there are a few things you need to consider.

Staff may have allergies or a phobia, so it’s important you talk with all staff before allowing pets into your workplace.

Is your workplace suitable and safe for pets? You will need to check:

  • exits are not accessible for pets
  • all cables or hazards materials are out of reach
  • access to an outdoor area
  • there is a water bowl or pet bed to ensure the pet is comfortable.

Update your policies, guidelines or rules to include bringing pets into the workplace, such as owner responsibilities or pet requirements.

Designate pet-friendly areas within a workspace for safety or cleanliness.

Check your insurance, just in case of any damage to property or injury.

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