NSW Fair Trading checking fuel price displays ahead of Easter

NSW Fair Trading Inspectors are out in force in the lead-up to the Easter long weekend to ensure service stations display correct fuel prices on-site and in the NSW Government’s FuelCheck app.

More than 2 million people have downloaded the FuelCheck app, which provides consumers with real-time prices for petrol at service stations across NSW and the Australian Capital Territory.

Under law, service stations in NSW must publicly publish fuel prices to NSW FuelCheck, display price information on signs visible to passing motorists and disclose fuel octane content ratings.

Inspectors have been checking to confirm that the fuel and price shown on service station signs match what is in the FuelCheck app in the lead-up to Easter to ensure consumers can rely on the data to make informed decisions about where to fill up ahead of the break.

In 2023, NSW Fair Trading found 44 service stations non-compliant with the laws, which was a pleasing number given there were 2380 service stations across the state registered with NSW Fair Trading and appearing on the FuelCheck app then.

Service stations found to not be obeying the rules can be issued with a $1100 Penalty Infringement Notice.

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