KISSABEL® apples about to hit shelves

Australian fresh produce business Montague is harvesting a small quantity of KISSABEL® apples, a newer variety of apples with rosy red flesh that will hit the Australian market soon.

KISSABEL® has been in the making for over twenty years. Originating in France and developed over the past two decades, this apple is new to Australia and only available in small volumes. This vibrant apple is known for being very strong, with a unique flavour that bursts with tangy freshness.

Kissabel’s harvest is anticipated to reach close to 36,000 kilograms this year, with all apples packed by Montague. With such a small harvest in comparison to other varieties, this blushing beauty may be harder to find on greengrocer shelves, but apple lovers need not fret; KISSABEL® will be available through selected restaurants, speciality bakeries and outlets, and a limited number of retail stores.

Montague ambassador Alice Zaslavsky is enamoured with red-fleshed fruit. She has mastered the art of ‘perfect pairings’ for KISSABEL® and has created many recipes that deliciously incorporate the variety.

“KISSABEL® is a terrifically tart, firm apple with a rosy hue inside and out! I love baking with this apple because the pink flesh collapses gloriously into a silky soft texture like Mother Nature’s fairy floss”, states Zaslavsky.

A particularly popular recipe by Alice is ‘KISSABEL® Queen of Puddings’, a stunningly layered dessert that includes smooth KISSABEL® puree, fragrant nutmeg custard, and toasted, silky meringue.

It’s not just in baking where KISSABEL® shines; the fruit is a delightful treat when consumed independently. Be prepared to cut into and reveal an enticing cross section unlike no other; its bright flesh and star-like centre are almost too beautiful to eat.

The variety is easy on the eyes, but this innovative apple is also filled with antioxidants. It exhibits a distinctive taste with hints of berries for an exceptional eating experience. Excitedly, consumer sentiment thus far is very strong, with the produce set to fly off the shelves.

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