Grain Bar unveils new cocktail menu and theatrical experiences

Grain Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney in The Rocks has unveiled a new level of style, blending the classy sophistication it’s long been known for with a vibrant aura and energy.

Contemporary glamour meets retro elegance at Grain Bar, where entertainment behind the bar and on the floor among the clientele is vibrant and snazzy, matching the colour, flavour and playful creativity in the new Hero and Signature cocktails now available.

The new cocktails at Grain Bar are showstoppers. Every drink tells a story, as Grain’s virtuoso bartenders have brought their unique, individual heritages and cultures to bear on a selection of ingenious cocktails that are explosions of taste and inventive presentation. Freshly sourced ingredients that speak to the international perspectives of Grain Bar’s in-house team combine with the refined gourmet standards that have long marked Grain Bar and Four Seasons Hotel Sydney’s dining establishments with distinction.

Recently appointed Beverage Manager, Indian-born Sarath Nair, celebrated as one of the world’s top bartenders, has led his team of mixology maestros through Grain Bar’s transition to bring their stories and expertise from countries as diverse as Chile, Italy, France, Vietnam, Nepal and the Philippines into genuinely tantalising cocktails that instantly transport one to places faraway. Simultaneously they retain the magic and immediacy of being in the centre of Sydney’s cosmopolitan heartbeat. Evocatively named cocktails Pot Au Feu, Curry Leaf Tiny Tini, Pina Fizz and Heart of the Garden are personally ideated inventions that offer universally appealing stories and tastes.

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