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Trending Gifts – Diamond Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces

Diamond Tennis Jewellery

A growing jewellery trend for gifting is diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces! With it’s simple and elegant design, diamond tennis jewellery is so versatile that it can go with any look. From work wear to black tie to weddings, there’s a tennis bracelet or necklace to suit almost every style.

We spoke to the team at one of the top jewellers in Sydney, Midas Jewellery, to find out more about this trend and how celebrities have been rocking this look with stunning diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces!

Tennis bracelets and necklaces are made up of a symmetrical pattern of diamonds on a metal chain, usually gold. Often the diamonds are the same size, shape and colour to keep the piece looking elegant. Ernesto, head jeweller from Midas Parramatta, commented “there are a large variety of diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces, each are unique. The most popular style of diamond tennis jewellery currently, are round cut diamonds set in white gold.

Emmanuel, jeweller from Midas Jewellery Miranda, gave some more insight into the round diamond style, explaining that round diamonds are the most ‘sparkly’ shape with white gold being the most common choice. This is because as well as being extremely durable, against white diamonds, the white gold stands out the greatest and helps to illuminate the diamonds, giving off the most dazzling sparkle.

How can you style tennis jewellery?

As seen in this image from Midas Jewellery, this elegant set of diamond tennis necklace, bracelet and diamond rings is an absolute showstopper! Midas Jewellery has created this simple but classic look using round cut diamonds set in a white gold chain, paired with a stunning round diamond ring and classic diamond bands.

Diamond Tennis Jewellery

When it comes to inspiration on how to wear tennis necklaces, nobody does elegance quite like Angelina Jolie! She has paired this stunning diamond tennis necklace from Cartier with a strapless dress, bold red lip and diamond cluster earrings. Creating a look that is effortlessly beautiful!

Another common look that is simply divine is a diamond tennis bracelet paired with a splash of colour! As shown here, where to complete this emerald and diamond jewellery set, Midas Jewellery have added a simple but stunning white gold diamond tennis bracelet.

Diamond Tennis Jewellery

For a show-stopping look that really shines, you can double up! Blake Lively did this beautifully with this statement diamond chain tennis necklace that is paired gorgeously with round diamond earrings and an elegant sleek updo.

Feeling inspired to purchase your own diamond tennis bracelet or necklace? Contact Midas Jewellery to view their range of gorgeous tennis jewellery or speak to their team about designing your own custom piece with their talented jewellers!

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