ABC launches “Vax Facts” campaign against COVID-19

The ABC has launched a public information campaign to debunk myths about COVID-19 vaccines and encourage Australians to protect themselves and the community against the deadly virus.

ABC presenters Shaun Micallef, Lisa Millar, Tony Armstrong, Wil Anderson, Nazeem Hussain, Craig Reucassel, Michael Rowland, Sammy J, Jeremy Fernandez, Namila Benson, Jan Fran and Courtney Act have called on people across the country to get vaccinated to reduce their health risks and to help lift COVID-19 restrictions.

Joining them in the “Vax Facts” campaign are doctors Norman Swan, Preeya Alexander and Karl Kruszelnicki, who set the record straight by dispelling COVID-19 misinformation and tackling vaccination questions that Australians are asking.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said the recent spread of the Delta strain of COVID-19 highlighted the ongoing need for accurate and effective public health information. “As the nation’s most trusted media organisation, we are proud to help Australians get the facts about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines,” he said.

“Australians want credible, reliable information to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and well. The ABC’s ‘Vax Facts’ campaign highlights how COVID-19 vaccinations are essential to saving lives and to helping Australians return to our normal ways of life and work.”

The ABC’s public information campaign, produced in-house and launched today across television, radio and online, exposes vaccination myths and answers some common concerns, including:

  • Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccines?
  • Will the vaccines work against new COVID-19 variants?
  • Do the vaccines contain animal products?
  • Were the vaccines rushed into circulation?
  • Can I still get COVID-19 after being vaccinated?
  • What is “long COVID”?

“We started this work by looking at frequently asked questions coming to us from ABC audiences. We then put out the call to our fabulous ABC on-air personalities and were overwhelmed by so many of them wanting to help deliver this important information,” said Leisa Bacon, ABC Director Audiences.

“Our ‘Vax Facts’ campaign was produced by our incredible internal creative team at ABC Made and uses an engaging, light-hearted tone to communicate essential information for all Australians.”

Versions of the promotions running on social media will include subtitles in Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin to reach as many Australians as possible, including those in COVID-19 hotspots in Sydney’s south and west.

Click here to watch one of the “Vax Facts” promos.

For more information about the COVID-19 pandemic, including live coverage and the latest news on the pandemic, go to:

For details on where and when you can get vaccinated, please refer to the Department of Health:

Source: ABC

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