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The Top 4 Colleges In Sydney for International Students

Colleges In Sydney for International Students

Ready to kickstart your career in Australia but you’re unsure on which Sydney college to choose? Australia is one of the most popular destinations for students wishing to study abroad. In fact, recent figures indicate that there were 685,499 overseas enrolments in Australia in July 2017. So to help you decide where to start, we have created a list of the top 4 Sydney colleges for international students wishing to pursue a career in Australia.

Australian College of Studies [ACOS]

The Australian College of Studies [ACOS], formally known as the Australian Academy of Nursing [AAON], ensures their students succeed beyond the classroom by guiding them on a journey of self growth and progression in order to be successful in their selected field.

Located in the culturally-diverse city of Parramatta, ACOS has a high success rate in post graduation career placements due to the tailoring of their courses. ACOS encourages students to undertake necessary part time work experiences to ensure they can excel in their careers and can adjust placement timetables and coursework to help students achieve all course outcomes.

At ACOS, they believe in interactive study, and for students who aren’t able to travel to Australia during the recent COVID restrictions, they have found a way to continue teaching – introducing Virtual Classrooms! With these virtual classrooms, students will gain access to lecture support for 5 hours per week and engage in discussion as the lectures are filmed live, not pre-recorded like most colleges. This allows students to start their career today, and fulfill practical placements at a later date when the borders reopen.

In order to study abroad, students require assistance from Agents. To assist students apply, ACOS have In-House Agents that provide students with all the necessary resources and assist with all the application process’ from course application, visa application and the whole transition of moving to Australia. The great thing is, these education agents are in-house and have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and mandatory legislation.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol today for their October 12 intake and receive a $5,000 discount on selected courses:

Taylors College

Taylors College is a practical pathway for international students wishing to study at one of Australia’s most renowned and respected universities, the University of Sydney.

Located in Waterloo, just outside the city’s CBD, their campus has exceptional facilities specialising in multiple career pathways including computer and science laboratories as well as art and design studios. Beyond their state-of-the-art establishment, the support you receive from the Service team is fundamental. From the application process, you are guided and supported as the team considers your interests whilst studying away from home. Support includes counselling, healthcare services, online learning systems, study guides and group sessions led by an industry expert.

Not only is the wellbeing of Taylors College students their number one priority, but so is their educational growth. This is why they have specifically reduced the sizes of their classes to ensure all students can receive the ongoing attention they require, especially during their rigorous, focused program called the University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP). This foundation program provides students with the opportunity to improve their English skills so they can excel in their Australian career. Highly recommended, in 2019 97% of students in this program received offers to the University of Sydney.

Ready to succeed in Australia and join the large variety of student communities? Apply to Taylors College today:

Australian Careers Business College [ACBC]

The Australian Careers Business College [ACBC] gives international students the opportunity to study in one of Australia’s leading vocational educational colleges in one of ten high demand industries. Courses include Marketing and Communication, Business Administration, Leadership and Management, Legal Services, Early Childhood Education and Care, Accounting, Information Technology, Sport Development and Travel and Tourism Management.

Located in the heart of Liverpool, their campus features 14 modern classrooms, private meeting rooms and central administrative offices. If you can’t study on campus, ACBC gives you the opportunity to study online, allowing students to study where and when it suits them. There is a range of online resources and support for students to access so that they have the best opportunity to excel in their careers.

ACBC designs their vocational courses to ensure graduates complete their studies with a skill set required by employers and foundations for further study at leading Australian Universities. They also include an ACBC Work Placement program allowing students to gain hands-on experience while they study.

Now’s the time to study in Australia! Apply to the Australian Careers Business College today:

Strathfield College

Australia has the third-highest number of international students in the world, and Strathfield College gives International students the opportunity to study in two of Australia’s top student cities, Sydney and Melbourne. The staff at Strathfield College are equipped to handle the unique needs of International students and provide exceptional student support programs for students looking to study Business, Information Technology, Hospitality Management and Leadership and Management. These programs encourage students to work closely with classmates, faculty and staff, allowing them to gain practical experience in the industry in which they are studying.

Nestled in Surry Hills, the close-knit, diverse community at Strathfield College frequently hosts events to benefit their Internationals students’ experience here in Sydney. These events range from parties to religious celebrations and workshops to help build networks and experiences that will assist students in their Australian career.

With admission intakes almost every month, now is the time to study at Strathfield College this October 2020! For more course options and student Information take a look at their 2020 Study Guide:

With so many careers to choose from in such an affordable, research-intensive country that promotes high quality of life and employer activity, now is the time to study in Australia. With six of the top 100 universities in the world, kickstart your career in Australia today!

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