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Top 6 Activities for Seniors to do at Home

mindconnect top 6 activities for seniors

This list of activities for seniors has been compiled as a result of what Mindconnect Australia know are popular all across Australia. Some of the activities individuals can do by themselves in their own peace and quiet whilst others are engaging and encourage conversation. These activities can be enjoyed with grandchildren or your own children so we hope these ideas assist you and your family as we stay safe but continue to live our lives. Enjoy.

Mindconnect Australia Top 6 Activities for Seniors

1. Large Print Crosswords and Find a word

Who doesn’t like some time out with a cup of tea and your pen while you mastermind a crossword or find a word puzzle. These publications are specifically designed for seniors or those with sight impairment being large print and making the puzzles easy to read.

To view our full range of activity books click here

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

To view our full range of jigsaw puzzles click here

3. Brain Training Exercises

To view our full range of brain training exercises click here

4. Trivia Time

To view our full range of trivia games click here

5. Large Print Playing Cards

To view our full range of card games click here

6. Art and Craft

To view our full range of Arts and craft click here

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