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New controls to protect character of the Cross

Darlinghurst Road 1964

New planning controls will help preserve Darlinghurst Road as a lively main street and the heart of Kings Cross, with a balance of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, residential, commercial and community facilities.

The Darlinghurst Road development control plan was adopted by Council with some changes following extensive consultation with residents, businesses and land owners.

“These controls have been created to preserve the unique character of Kings Cross and Potts Point and ensure that any new development respects the area’s history,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“We need to make sure that Darlinghurst Road remains a lively and exciting place for residents and visitors and strikes the right balance between commercial activity and residential development.

“Through extensive consultation with the community we have heard from residents, businesses and landowners who want more restaurants and cafes, live music venues, small bars, nightclubs, specialist shops, food shops and corner stores, as well as hotels and residential development.

“Alongside our late night development control plan which will come to Council in the coming months for endorsement, these planning controls will encourage diverse land uses for Darlinghurst Road, while protecting its architectural style and eclectic character.”

The development control plan includes:

  • a new locality statement that describes the area’s character and key principles for new development, based on community feedback
  • encouraging a minimum amount of floor space along Darlinghurst Road to be set aside for neighbourhood services such as shops, restaurants and cafes
  • building heights, setbacks and specific design requirements for 18-32A Darlinghurst Road (the Bourbon Hotel site) to ensure new development relates to the surrounding context, integrates heritage, protects sunlight and supports its existing character
  • heritage guidelines to ensure new development is compatible with and complementary to existing heritage items and the broader social and historic significance of the area

Several updates were made to the draft controls following consultation:

  • more flexibility for residential uses if certain criteria is met
  • partial, rather than full retention of the Commodore Hotel, 30-30B Darlinghurst Road
  • clarification of small shop frontage requirements
  • exceptions to some setback and built form requirements where a better outcome is achieved

The Darlinghurst Road precinct includes 49 properties characterised by mostly small scale commercial buildings around three to four storeys tall.

Darlinghurst Road is located within the Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay heritage conservation area, which extends from the Garden Island naval depot in the north to Kings Cross Road in the south, and from Victoria Street in the west to Ward Avenue in the east.

The proposed heritage listing of Kingsley Hall at 1A Elizabeth Bay Road, the façade of The Bourbon at 22-24 Darlinghurst Road, and Empire site at 32-32A Darlinghurst Road is under review following exhibition and will be reported to Council at a later date.

Source: City of Sydney

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