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Your winter skincare routine is more important than ever!

winter skincare

As winter rolls in and summer fades away, you may begin to think, ‘finally! A break from sweaty, pimply, and problematic skin.’ But wait! Now is not the time to put your skincare essentials away. With sharp winds and changing temperatures, it’s more important than ever to keep up with your skin care routine.

In winter months, a drop in humidity occurs which evaporates the moisture from your skin, causing it to flake and dry out. The roughness of the air can exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and even in extreme cases cause your skin to crack and bleed.

But don’t fret! There are ways to reduce the winter carnage by incorporating a few small steps into your skin care routine.

First, protect your skin from drastically changing temperatures by using warm instead of hot water. The contrast between changing temps can strip your skin of important oils, causing it to flake.

Second, utilise a serum that can enhance the benefits of your moisturiser. We recommend Alletia’s Triple Active Serum Booster. This serum is an essential step in your winter skincare routine as it activates the natural hydration process in your skin. Based with Kakadu Plum & Buriti Fruit Oil, the serum booster nourishes your skin from the inside out, providing a plump and peachy winter glow. While you can reduce strain on your skin by having warm showers, heavier moisturisers, nothing can replace the natural benefits of Alletia’s Triple Active Serum Booster. Get yours today here.

Finally, switch to a heavier moisturiser as the intensity of the cold will call for a thicker layer of hydration. Making up for all the natural moisture your skin will lose, a non-comedogenic, oil free, moisturiser will help with the overall dryness of your skin. It’s important to wait half an hour after showering to let your skin adjust to room temperature for best results.

Winter is coming in quick, so get your skincare routine set now!

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