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Abbie Galvin Appointed as 24th Government Architect of NSW

We are excited to announce that BVN Principal Abbie Galvin has been appointed by the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, The Honourable Rob Stokes MP, as the 24th Government Architect of NSW.

The office of the Government Architect was established more than 200 years ago and the first Government Architect was Francis Greenway in 1816 followed by other notable architects such as Walter Liberty Vernon, Edmund Blacket and James Barnet. The role of the Government Architect is to provide design expertise, strategic leadership, advocacy and advice to Government, the private sector and the community to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes for NSW.

The appointment comes at a time when NSW is undergoing dynamic and far reaching change. Abbie will bring to the position more than 25 years’ experience leading the design and delivery of many of BVN’s award winning public and private projects in most sectors including public and urban, workplace, commercial, master planning, defence, research, education and health.

Abbie has been fearless in her quest to find new ways of approaching complex projects and has always understood the civic contribution that architects can make through their work. In taking on the role of Government Architect Abbie will have the ability to move this from practice into a broader design conversation that develops a strong and engaged design culture for NSW.

Abbie commences as Government Architect end December 2019 and therefore must resign her role as a Principal of BVN. The Principal group is incredibly proud of Abbie and united in supporting her in this new endeavour. Abbie has made an enormous contribution to the success of BVN through her leadership and projects. We can think of no one else better placed to help shape the future of our built environment in NSW.

Source: BVN

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