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Best Skip Bin Companies in Sydney


We surveyed construction companies and residential households Sydney wide to find the best waste management companies and why. Here is what they had to say!

Number 1.

Dump It Bins

The team at Dump It Bins have been literally born into the waste management and skip bin world. The directors are Matt and Chris Calleija and they have grown Dump It Bins from a 1 truck business with a small yard, into a fleet of more than 35 trucks, 2 EPA licenced recycling facilities, their own manufacturing plant and a fabulous team who take great pride in their work.

Servicing Residential and Commercial, the comment we heard over and over again from Dump It Bins clients was “service, service and more service”. Nothing was too hard and many knew Matt and / or Chris personally and really valued their working relationship. Fixed pricing was another common trait that Dump It Bins clients definitely appreciated and helped to put them into the number 1 spot.

With over 2000 bright red branded skip bins in a huge variety of sizes, that they design and manufacture themselves, and their stand out red and white trucks, the Dump It Bins brand is definitely known throughout Sydney. This stand out branding seems to have served them well and has resulted in more and more construction sites and residential clients using Dump It Bins for their waste management needs.

After receiving such great feedback, we decided to speak to the team at Dump It Bins and we found that their offering is certainly one that stands out. Their motto is “willing to pick up anything” and they recycle almost everything that comes into their yards. They are ISO accredited and have 2 EPA licenced facilities, which really show their commitment to making Australia better, which we loved!

They also offer up to 10 smaller on-site bins for their construction clients at no extra cost to help with waste distribution and to keep the job sites running efficiently.

For their residential clients they offer same day service and set pricing with no weight restrictions, which is quite rare in the waste industry. This means clients know they get a set price for their skip bin hire and won’t be charged a whole lot of added weight fees and extra charges.


Number 2.

Bingo Industries

Bingo Industries, or BINGO as they are more commonly referred to are one of the biggest skip bin companies in Australia. Operating in New South Wales and Victoria they have carved a name for themselves in the waste industry and are known for their bright orange and blue logo on white bins.

BINGO employs almost 800 staff and have over 250 vehicles. They do not offer set pricing like Dump It Bins, but they do have a large fleet and client base and have serviced Sydney since 2005.

The starting days for BINGO were at Western Sydney with just 4 trucks and 100 bins. Since 2014 however, BINGO has acquired multiple other skip bin companies and was listed on the ASX in 2017.

Number 3.

Dial a Dump

Operating for over 30 years, Dial A Dump Industries (or Dial a Dump as they are more regularly known) has built a strong business and the Dial a Dump clients definitely value their commitment to recycling.

They have a strong brand in the market place and their bright yellow trucks are a stand out around Sydney.

They are definitely one to watch for the future.

Number 4.

Aussie Skips

Aussie Skips started in 1987 and operates Sydney wide. They have a smaller fleet than that of BINGO or Dump It Bins for example, but with over 15 years in the industry they definitely know the waste management space.

With over 180 bins available in various sizes and a fleet of just over 30 trucks, they are a growing company in the waste industry.

They operate a waste transfer station and recycling facility in Strathfield South that is open to both the public and their commercial and trade clients and a common consensus from their clients was how much they used this facility that is open 6 days a week.

Aussie Skips offer residential and commercial services and you can book online or call them during business hours.

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