Sydney public transport: it’s an Uber ‘appening

Sydney Uber users now have another transport mode to choose from, with public transport options now appearing as an option in users’ trips.

That makes Sydney the fourth city in the world with this marriage of Uber app and public transport routes and timetables, following implementation in Denver and Boston in the USA, and London in the UK.

When users type in their desired pickup location and destination, Public Transport will appear as an option, along with closest transport hubs, timetable, and pricing information.

‘We welcome the decision by Uber to choose Sydney as the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to benefit from up to date public transport information within its ride sharing app. This collaboration will help people make better decisions on how to get around the city and reduce congestion on our roads,’ said Andrew Constance, Minister for Transport and Roads.

‘The journey is no longer about a single mode of transport, it’s about a combination of modes to get to your destination in the most convenient way,’ he continued.

‘Linking public transport options with the Uber app was only possible due to the Government’s long term commitment to open data and technology and we look forward to seeing what other initiatives emerge in future.’

Next up for the Transport for NSW / Uber relationship is to add public transport ticketing and payment functionality inside the Uber app. There’s no implementation date for that as yet, but it is being worked on.

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