Fast food breakfast spread finally arrives


Here’s the situation: you wake up hungover AF, and peanut butter on toast aint really going to cut it. It’s a solid drive to the nearest McDonalds, and the burrito stands haven’t opened yet. You need fast food hit, and fast!

Scientists from the sensory lab at Yellow Octopus (Australia’s Coolest Gifts and Gadgets) bring you MagicMite, the world’s first concentrated fast food bread spread – perfect for lathering on your toast.

Never has the prospect of eating breakfast been so enticing. Never has toast sounded so disgustingly awesome.

Does it taste like the Real McCoy, you ask? The answer is YES.

Yellow Octopus has an outstanding team of the world’s best molecular scientists who have spent years working with a variety of fast foods at an atomic level. Thousands of pizzas have been blown up. Countless fried chicken drumsticks have been heated to 1100 degrees centigrade. Whole burritos have been spun in high-power centrifugal annatomizers. All in the name of science, all in the name of dirty, dirty breakfasts.

Made from all natural fast-food ingredients, MagicMite comes in 5 delectable flavours: Fried Chicken, Burger & Fries, Chinese Takeaway, Pizza, and Burrito.

The company plans to add to this original range of spreads with many more flavours currently in research and development.

From the quirky gifts and gadgets retailer, Yellow Octopus, who also brought the world Ridster (World’s First Hipster Repellent) and the Danger Ranger (Dangerous Wildlife Detector), MagicMite is set to play its part in the uncontrollable obesity epidemic (just kidding).

Don’t be a breakfast fool in April, choose MagicMite!

Available for sale now on the Yellow Octopus website.

Source: Yellow Octopus

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