There are a million good reasons to show your love for Aussie flowers

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The Australian Made Campaign is urging consumers to make Aussies growers and manufacturers their Valentine this February 14th 2019, by showing love for local flower growers and gift manufacturers.

“Australians want to make informed purchasing decisions, and most would be surprised to know that their Valentine’s Day flowers have travelled thousands of kilometres, before they have even bought them.

Country of origin labelling is not mandated for the flower industry, so many consumers are unaware of where their flowers were grown. Looking for the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo (AMAG) is the easiest way for consumers to support local businesses and make sure their flowers have the authentic Aussie stamp of approval,” Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said.

Underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, the Australian Made logo is Australia’s most trusted and recognised country of origin symbol.

“When you buy Australian Made flowers you are supporting thousands of Australians at all stages of the supply chain, from the local growers to wholesalers and retailers, buying Australian-made is the best way to ensure the flower industry in Australia thrives,” Mr Lazzaro said.

A report published by Horticulture Innovation Australia, found that in 2016/17 Australia imported approximately $66.8 million worth of fresh cut flowers, a 73% increase from 2012/13.

Zoe Lamont, Petal Post Director, said rose stems are in high demand on Valentine’s Day, but there are so many other beautiful Australian flower options available for consumers to purchase.

“Consumers today are increasingly interested to learn where their flowers are grown. The benefits of shopping local when buying flowers are plentiful, supporting your community and the local economy is one of the best advantages of buying locally grown flowers,” Ms Lamont said.

Flowers are often sold unpackaged so it can be hard to identify their country of origin.

“Ask your flower supplier ‘what’s in season?’ and make a considered purchase choice based on their knowledge.

When gifting flowers, either for a loved one or yourself, knowing where your flowers are grown transforms them from ‘a lovely bunch of flowers’ to a gift with thought and meaning. You’ll appreciate the flowers so much more when you imagine that farm they were picked from,” Ms Lamont said.

Petal Post offers a number of flower selections, showcasing beautiful locally-grown botanicals from their favourite Australian growers. They believe direct from our Aussie farms to your vase is the most sustainable way to enjoy flowers.

A number of companies carry the logo, including Floraco and TNB Tulips.

Source: Australian Made Campaign Ltd

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