It’s Fruit & Veg month – Happy Fruit & Veg’tember!

Thousands of kids across NSW are being encouraged to have a “Happy Fruit & Veg’tember” in September 2018.

According to the most recent National Health Survey, only 5.1% of both children and adults eat the recommended number of daily serves of fruit and vegetables.

In response to this challenge, Healthy Kids Association, supported by NSW Health, runs an annual 4-week health promotion program in NSW primary schools which is designed to improve knowledge and skills around eating more fruit and vegetables. In 2018, Fruit & Veg Month will be held from Monday 3 September 2018 to Friday 28 September 2018.

Program manager Katie Booth, from Healthy Kids Association, said: “If we want kids to eat more fruit and veg we need to market them better. That’s why 2018’s theme is all about getting happy with fruit and vegetables!”

831 schools across the state are participating in Fruit & Veg Month, an increase on 2017’s participation of 770, with each school planning a range of activities across the month.

“Fruit & Veg Month is designed to increase students’ knowledge about the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, as well as encouraging conversations about healthy lifestyles,” said Katie Booth. “Involvement in Fruit & Veg Month may also lead to an increase in the amount of fruit and veg that students eat, as well as the variety they eat and their willingness to try new fruit and vegetables.”

“We want kids to hit their recommended daily serves of fruit and veg and set up healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Fruit & Veg Month helps to encourage increased fruit and veg intake at school and in the home.”

Source: Healthy Kids Association

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