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Sydney International Boat Show – Grand Final: Catch and Release Fishing Comp

The Sydney International Boat Show in 2018 plays host to the Grand Final of the Berkley Super Series fishing competition, the premium team-based bream catch-and-release fishing tournament in Australia. The Series has seen over one hundred teams chase down big money prizes in some of the finest bream fishing locations on the East Coast of Australia, with one ultimate goal – to qualify for the $10,000 Berkley Super Series Grand Final at the Sydney International Boat Show.

Teams consist of two anglers who have seven hours to catch their biggest five legal sized bream, using lures only. A team may only keep five fish at any one time, so the smallest fish is released when a bigger fish is caught, a process known as upgrading. The bream are kept alive onboard each boat in purpose built “live wells” and are presented for weighing via water filled transfer bags. After weighing, the bream are returned to the waterway unharmed. The team with the heaviest 5 bream wins.

The Grand Final is held over two days allowing teams to fight back into contention should their first day catch fall short. The qualifying teams will be introduced at the Berkley Super Tank in the lower hall at the Show on Friday 3rd August 2018 at 2PM. The Grand Final takes place from 7AM until 2PM on Saturday 4th 2018 and Sunday 5th August 2018.

At the end of each day’s competition, the teams return to Cockle Bay to have their live bream weighed at the Berkley Recovery Tank. This is located outside the Harbourside Shopping complex in Darling Harbour, with the twenty-five team boats berthing in Cockle Bay. After the 2nd day of competition, the final weigh-in determines whose 5 bream reign supreme, and which team leaves the event $10,000 richer.

Live video streams are planned to air during the event, along with live interviews throughout the Grand Final. The weigh-in will be streamed live together with a live scoreboard.

Source: Boating Industry Association Ltd.

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