Transport for NSW launches The Research Hub

Transport for NSW
An introduction to Transport for New South Wales’s new Research Hub by Clare Gardiner-Barnes, Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning. Image courtesy of Transport for NSW

Transport for the New South Wales launched The Research Hub, a centre of collaboration between it, the tertiary sector, industry, and other government agencies interested in transport research and development.

“Transport is critical to the future of NSW, and is undergoing rapid change to ensure we can handle both an additional 28 million trips per day, and double the current metropolitan freight task”, said Clare Gardiner-Barnes, Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy & Planning for Transport for NSW.

“Transport certainly has many challenges and opportunities, and the best way we can plan to accommodate these is by calling for bold new ideas, and engaging with the sharpest minds to address some of our most difficult problems.”

Models of collaboration

The Research Hub operates within the Transport for NSW Freight, Strategy & Planning Division. The Hub will run via four models of possible collaboration:

  • Quick-fire research (bursts of research activity under 8 weeks, with a focus on datasets)
  • Undergraduate final-year research
  • Postgraduate research
  • Major collaborations and funded research

Seven strategic research directions

Transport for NSW has outlined seven Strategic Research Directions to drive engagement with the Hub’s research partners. They are:

  • Future mobility
  • Future transport workforce
  • Safety and security
  • Successful places
  • Sustainability
  • Technological drivers of change
  • Valuing wider benefits

Find out more about The Research Hub

First, you can watch the introduction video at the top of this page, featuring Clare Gardiner-Barnes, or you can visit The Research Hub page on the Transport for NSW website.

Areas of research The Research Hub most wants to address can be found on its Problem Statements page, along with instructions on how to register your interest.

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