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Sydney International Boat Show welcomes spirit of Australia II

The Sydney International Boat Show returns to the International Convention Centre Sydney and Cockle Bay from the 2nd until the 6th of August 2018, and 2018 welcomes the on-water speed world record holding Ken Warby to the show. Attempting to break his father’s record, David Warby and the Spirit of Australia II will be on display, which Ken has designed to be almost 50% more powerful than his original 1978 world record breaker.

“I set the current World Water Speed Record of 511km/h in 1978,” Ken Warby said. “Despite two unsuccessful official challenges, along with many challengers claiming they will build a boat to beat my record. To date, no one has.”

Now 40 years later Ken again challenges the Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record, with his son David in the pilot’s seat. Ken Warby is the only man in history to design, build and drive a boat to an Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record.

Visitors to the show will be able to meet Ken and David and take a close look at the Spirit of Australia II, which is powered by a massive Rolls Royce Orpheus 803 ex-Italian Air Force jet engine, previously used to give flight to a Fiat Gina G-91 jet fighter. The vessel is as much a rocket as it is a boat.

Ken’s son David Warby said he’s looking forward to talking with visitors about the boat and the test runs they’ve taken so far. “We take it step by step. Sometimes the elements are against us, sometimes we discover efficiencies we can still make to the boat. It’s now a game of inches, but we’ll get there,” David Warby said.

For the record attempt, the Spirit of Australia II must undertake 2 runs travelling at an average speed greater than 511km/h.

The Spirit of Australia II is just one of the more than 800 boats on display inside the boat show, visited every year by more than 60,000 people. Another 200 on-water vessels are berthed at nearby Cockle Bay, also part of the show.

With nearly 5 million people enjoying our waterways each year in Australia, this show is again expecting thousands to visit for their annual pilgrimage. Fishing master-classes, historic boats, kids bumper boat rides, the Australia International Dive Expo, and on water equipment demonstrations are just a few of the many activities to be seen, all included for the entry price. The show will be open each day from 10AM until 7PM.

Source: Boating Industry Association Ltd

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