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Getting active without compromising on your ethics

Getting active without compromising on your ethics. That’s the ethos behind new active wear label Luna & Soul Active by Melbourne-based yoga teacher and Mum Raja Soltani. Raja’s passion for fair, sustainable and slow fashion has shaped every part of Luna & Soul Active.

“I didn’t want to be part of an industry that was so short sighted and I thought there must be a better way to produce beautiful active wear which doesn’t ruin our planet for future generations.”

From sourcing materials to delivering the finished item, every step has been thoughtfully planned. At Luna & Soul, only toxin-free, vegan and ethically sourced raw materials and environmentally-friendly dyes are used. Packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. Items are dispatched via carbon neutral delivery partners.

Of course, ethical clothing can’t be made without skilled workers. Luna & Soul’s suppliers are typically small family run businesses who benefit from access to the global market. Giving back is equally important. As not everyone has the privilege of being active, a portion of each sale is donated to Spinal Cure Research Australia.

Every item has been consciously designed to be beautiful and practical, soft and comfortable, and the antithesis of fast fashion.

Luna & Soul’s luxurious range of active wear makes every activity more comfortable and stylish, whether it’s pushing your pram, sun salutations, a work out or even just walking the dog. Those feel-good endorphins can only be increased by wearing your ethics on your sleeve.

Source: Luna & Soul

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