City keeps e-waste out of landfill

Image courtesy of City of Sydney

City residents are invited to drop off their unwanted electronic items to Sydney Park next Saturday 25 November 2017 for the final E-Waste collection day of 2017.

Residents can drop off everything, from old TVs and computers to worn out power tools and that iPod from 2010 that’s gathering dust in your top drawer.

More than 433 tonnes of electronic waste have been collected from City residents over the last five years, where more than 50 per cent of attendees were dropping off for their first time.

“Sydneysiders are very concerned about where their waste goes, and I’m so happy to see the e-waste collection days are becoming increasingly popular,” the Lord Mayor said.

“It won’t be long before our residents are eligible for free weekly e-waste collections from the kerbside or apartment bin rooms, following the adoption of our new waste strategy and action plan.

“The electronic waste we collect is sent to a facility where 95 per cent of the raw materials are recycled and used in new products.

“Most electronic devices contain precious metals such as copper, silver and gold. By extracting them, we’re reducing the need to mine more finite natural resources.

“By recycling electronic waste properly, we’re reducing the amount of harmful chemicals including lead, mercury and arsenic ending up in landfill.”

E-waste drop off
When: 9am-3pm, Saturday 25 November, 2017
Where: Sydney Park Depot, 54 Barwon Park Road, Alexandria

Source: City of Sydney

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