Don’t rush home on NSW roads

Transport for NSW and NSW Police urged families packing up the car and heading home after the school holidays to slow down, stay alert and be safe on the road.

“While we’ve made ground in driving down the NSW road toll, there has been a recent spike and sadly 293 people have lost their lives in 2017, which is 293 too many,” Centre for Road Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon said.

“There have been 20 deaths recently which is heartbreaking – every one of these deaths is a tragedy.

“Everyone needs to take more care. We don’t want to see you and your family become a statistic – there’s no room for complacency when you’re out on the road.

“To keep you and your family safe remember that it is important you don’t rush, don’t touch your mobile phone and don’t drive while tired.

“We don’t want to see any tragedies that will ruin the end of your happy holidays.

“Please stay safe on our roads.”

Acting Assistant Commissioner David Driver of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command said drivers need to take personal responsibility to save their own life and the lives of others.

“Drivers and riders have no right to put others at risk with irresponsible and selfish choices.

“All road users have a responsibility to themselves, to passengers in their car and other road users, every time they get behind the wheel.

“Our message is simple, whether you are returning from a long trip or going for a short drive, we just want you to arrive home safely,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Driver said.

Please follow these top tips to avoid driving tired when returning home from the school holidays:

  • Get a good nights’ sleep
  • Avoid driving after midnight
  • Plan to take regular rest breaks
  • Pull over for a break in a safe place
  • Arrange to share the driving
  • Take a nap, 20 minutes works best

Source: NSW Government

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