Benefits to flow from cutting edge science

International researchers at the cutting edge of the growing field of synthetic biology have gathered in Sydney for the Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference.

NSW Department of Primary Industries Chief Scientist Dr Philip Wright will welcome the delegates and said the Department was an active participant in the field through its partnership with Macquarie University in the global Yeast 2.0 project.

“Synthetic biology is a rapidly-growing, highly interdisciplinary field with huge potential in a range of areas,” Dr Wright said.

“The NSW Department of Primary Industries is the premier provider of primary industries research in Australia, and is ranked in the top 1% of research organisations in this field globally.

“We have partnered with Macquarie University as collaborators in the ongoing, world-wide project to synthesise a eukaryotic genome – essentially building a yeast genome, chromosome by chromosome, from the bottom up”

Dr Wright said the new techniques and tools developed through the Yeast 2.0 project could have far-reaching benefits for the primary industries sector.

“The NSW Department of Primary Industries is already playing a lead role in the emergence of synthetic biology nationally,” he said.

“Our involvement in the Yeast 2.0 project, and our sponsorship of this conference, will help draw outcomes and innovations from the field toward NSW primary industries.

“We have a long history of turning rigorous research into practical tools and techniques that have helped boost the agricultural bottom line for the state and for our producers.

“This is another opportunity for us to stay at the forefront of international innovation to deliver NSW farmers a competitive edge they can take to market.”

The Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference will host more than 150 scientists working in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, protein engineering, imaging, analytical chemistry, bioinformatics and other areas.

Source: NSW DPI

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