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September 1, 2017, means there’s a new Merlo Bean of the Month to satiate your cravings for coffee adventure!

SEPTEMBER 2017 Bean of the Month – Congo Kivu
A glimmer of hope is emerging from the deeply troubled Congo – having endured 20 years of brutal war that has left over five million dead and several million displaced – and it’s coming from the country’s eastern hills.

The coffee industry is reviving there, bringing peace, hope and better livelihoods to battle-scarred farmers living in the fertile highland of the Lake Kivu region, just across Rwanda’s border.

September 2017’s Bean of the Month is the Congo Kivu. Unlike the fruit and berry notes found in Ethiopian and Kenyan beans, Congolese coffee is earthier and more chocolatey.

The medium-light roast is bright with a mild body that fills the palate with notes of tart apple, cherry, chocolate and spice cake!

OCTOBER 2017 Bean of the Month – Kenya Kwa Kiinyu

Made up of over 100 small farms, each cultivating on average 230 hectares of coffee, the Kwa-Kiinyu’s Farmers’ Co-operative Society sits on red, rich volcanic Kenyan soil and benefits from good rainfall, which has a dominant effect on the coffee produced.

The coffee beans are hand-picked and delivered to a wet mill on the same day, the beans are sun dried on raised tables before secondary processing in the mill. A sweet acidic bean, the Kenyan Kwa Kiinyu tantalises the palate with notes of chocolate, liquorice and blackcurrants.

The Bean of the Month and all Merlo blends are available at all Merlo owned stores with customers able to try their regular coffee on the featured bean for no extra cost. Coffee to take home starts at $12.00 for 200g.

Source: Merlo

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