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Sydneysiders join search for the truth

A video confession booth that has travelled throughout the USA and other countries now invites Sydneysiders to share their ideas about the truth, as part of the artwork’s Australian debut in June 2017.

Truth Booth at Miami Art Basel

Truth Booth at Miami Art Basel

In Search of the Truth, part of the City of Sydney’s Art & About Sydney program, aims to explore the nature of truth and understandings of identity, history, race and class across cultures.

The inflatable ‘truth booth’ will be located in Hyde Park from 13–18 June 2017 seeking to capture visitors’ definitions, confessions and thoughts on ‘the truth’.

Shaped like a cartoon speech bubble on the outside, and resembling a photo booth inside, the installation invites people to record their opinions and thoughts while completing the statement “the truth is…”

Established in 2011, the project has already travelled to Ireland, Afghanistan, South Africa and a 50-state tour around the United States. Before the 2016 US election, the booth gave people a platform to speak their ‘truths’ during one of the most important political periods in American history.

“As we’ve travelled around the world, we’ve been amazed by the people who have entered the booth and expressed the truth from their perspective,” said Hank Willis Thomas, co-founder of the Cause Collective.

“The responses we gather are humorous, confessional, empowering, vulnerable, poetic and revealing.

“We aim to represent and celebrate diverse people, cultures and locations and highlight the common things people struggle with – from loss, love and hunger to the feeling that you are worth more than your social media profile.”

Videos from the booth will be compiled and shared on the project’s website.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the documentary art project was one of the most unique projects yet to feature in the Art & About Sydney program.

“Between fake news and fact checking, the truth has never been more contested, which makes this a very timely project,” the Lord Mayor said.

“This is an opportunity to speak freely, without fear of judgment or persecution, and add your voice to a global conversation on the truth of the matter.”

In Search of the Truth is an initiative of The Cause Collective – a team of artists and designers who create interactive projects that explore ideas that affect and shape society.

Source: City of Sydney

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