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New store in Pitt Street Mall

When heritage meets craftsmanship, it results in Swarovski’s unsurpassed ability to renew itself in the utmost respect of its brand DNA.

Crystal cutting expert, master of light and sparkle, Swarovski adds its fashion signature to make everyday extraordinary and permit women to express their personality through inspired accessories, from day to night.

To best encounter its collections, Swarovski invites women to live a real experience in its 2500 stores worldwide.

An experience which is now possible at the new Sydney MidCity Centre location, Shop L0.60 MidCity Centre, 197 Pitt Street Mall.

In a refined and elegant atmosphere reflecting the brand’s iconic facets, anyone can enjoy the whole Swarovski universe comprising fashion accessories, home objects, and watches.

An Exclusive Retail Design: the ‘Crystal Forest’ concept

As one of the world’s largest retailers, Swarovski aims at offering its customers a delightful experience when they visit any store whether it is in Europe, Asia Pacific or Latin America. The Crystal Forest store concept is a modern expression of the company’s identity and values, highlighting the infinite possibilities of crystal and illustrates the company’s deep affinity with nature.

For Robert Buchbauer, member of the Swarovski Family and of the Executive Board, “Our store design is not only a tremendous illustration of Swarovski’s contemporary vision and taste for design, this environment is perfect for us to share our commitment to excellence, sense of creativity, surprise and delight.”

Located at the entrance to the MidCity centre, the store is Swarovski Australia’s first store located on Pitt St Mall which is Australia’s highest traffic retail location. The store is surrounded by many other international retailers such as the Microsoft concept store, ZARA, and Sephora. Inside the 100m² store, surface turns substance as the ‘Crystal Forest’ comes to life – all walls are textured with reflective white relief prisms of various lengths. These faceted, multi-layered elements create visual depth and exude an internal rhythm that follows the rules and rituals of nature.

The interior instantly embraces consumers with a crystalline feeling they will find in all newly fitted Swarovski store. Completing these striking elements, The MidCity store will be the first in the country to feature our dazzling new Crystal Drop chandelier; a modern art installation that hangs from the ceiling embodying Swarovski’s creativity and sense of innovation.

Store opening: 9.30am 26 May 2017

Address: Shop L0.60 MidCity Centre, 197 Pitt Street Mall

Source: Swarovski

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