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Old4New van sailing into Cabramatta

Transport for NSW announced the Old4New van will visit Cabramatta in March 2017 to share advice with the public about lifejackets and drowning prevention.

The mobile van will be at the following location where you can exchange your old lifejacket for a new slimline lifejacket at a discounted price:

Wednesday 15 March 2017
10am – 2pm, Freedom Plaza Cabramatta

Trained staff will also provide advice on choosing the right lifejacket for your height, weight, ability and water activity, and tips on lifejacket care and service.

“This is Old4New’s fourth season and the team is as keen as ever to get amongst the community to spread the word that there is a modern and comfortable lifejacket for every body,” Neil Patchett, from Transport’s Centre for Maritime Safety, said.

“During this boating season the van will visit around 160 towns and communities throughout NSW to not only offer upgraded lifejackets at a discounted price, but also to educate about lifejacket care and service.

“In NSW, it’s the law to service your inflatable lifejacket once a year or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, so this is an excellent opportunity to understand exactly what you need to do to make sure your lifejacket always keeps you safe.”

Sadly, 11 lives were lost in recreational and commercial boating incidents on our waterways in 2016, highlighting the importance of safety for all water enthusiasts regardless of age and experience.

“These are not just numbers, each represents a parent, child, uncle, aunty or friend lost participating in an activity that is meant to be enjoyable and that everyone should come home safely from doing,” Mr Patchett said.

“It’s a timely reminder for us all to think about how we can protect ourselves out on the water so that we can have a great day out and make it back home to the people we love.

“Wearing a lifejacket is by far the most effective way to prevent drowning while boating, and with new, modern designs, lifejackets are less bulky and more comfortable to wear so there’s no good reason for not chucking one on.”

The Old4New exchange is part of a wider Transport for NSW program which has helped support an increase in lifejacket wear rates and achieved a decrease in boating fatalities state-wide.

The Old4New van’s visit to Cabramatta coincides with a 12-month trial of mandatory lifejackets for rock fishers in the Randwick Local Government Area to increase safety along the state’s coastline.

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