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Encouraging Sydney commuters to get fit on their way to work

On the 6th of March 2017 Transport for NSW hosted a free exercise session at Martin Place led by fitness gurus Michelle Bridges and Commando Steve to encourage people to factor health and wellbeing into their daily commute.

From 7.15am, Michelle and Commando Steve shared tips on healthy living before leading 120 lucky commuters in a 30-minute exercise class as part of the 2017 Travel Choices Festival.

Michelle and Commando Steve said the early morning event was a great opportunity to promote the benefits of working out consistently, and making exercise a regular part of day to day commutes.

“Retiming your journey to work and coming into the CBD earlier to exercise first thing like we did is great because you’re less likely to skip exercise sessions for impromptu after-work plans. It’s also a great way to boost your energy and allow for a more comfortable journey on the train or bus,” said Michelle.

Commando Steve also stressed the health benefits of incorporating active travel such as walking or cycling into your commute to work.

“Shaking up the way you travel by walking, running or cycling to work or even just getting off your train or bus a stop earlier is a great way to commit to being active in a way that works with your lifestyle. There are so many different ways to improve your health, so instead of making excuses, choose flexible workouts that you know you’ll be able to stick to,” said Commando Steve.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said the main aim of the event was to help people in the CBD choose the best travel option for them; especially ones that will help them get fitter and healthier.

“We recognise that a period of major change is underway across the city which is why the Travel Choices program is working hard to support organisations and their staff in shifting to more sustainable ways of moving in, out and around the CBD, Ms Prendergast said.

“Part of that support involves engaging with organisations to foster flexible working arrangements so people are empowered to come into work earlier to go for a run and beat congestion.”

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