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Zoe Lamont supporting Aussie flower growers

Sydney-based online florist, Petal-Post, is bucking the norm and has reinvented the way we receive flowers.

Petal Post founder and entrepreneur Zoe Lamont has been disrupting the market since the business’ inception in 2015, delivering the freshest Australian grown flower arrangements, in bespoke flat packed boxes straight to your home or office.

Core to the business is Petal Post’s passion for supporting the local Australian flower industry and farmers. Zoe believes in educating customers where the flowers are from, and includes a personalised note in each box about the supplier and the source location.

What sets Petal Post apart is the high quality of the flowers. The flowers are purchased to order, often picked only a day or two before they are delivered. This means they aren’t held in a cool store and can last up to two weeks due to their high quality and freshness.

Zoe states, “It’s surprising that the industry uses imported flowers from the likes of Vietnam and Kenya, picked a week before shipment, semi-frozen, air freighted and then sold. Petal Post proudly supports local growers and want to provide our customers with the freshest blooms.

“In Australia, we are lucky to have much-loved floral favourites such as roses, lilies and peonies, as well as our own beautiful Australian natives grown right here. So why not support growers and buy local.”

Petal Post’s philosophy “Flowers by us, creativity by you”, is inspiring customers to create their own arrangements with the carefully chosen flowers and foliage.

The Petal Post point of difference is their subscription service that provides a solution for people who buy flowers frequently, taking the fuss out of selecting arrangements week after week.

This article was first published on Leading Agriculture.

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