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40 day focus: Embody the challenge

Are you struggling to get into a health and exercise routine? Since that New Years resolution you may be feeling your resolve start to slip.

gym-embody-neutral-bayThe best way to combat this apathy is to try a holistic approach to your health. Instead of focusing narrowly on a single health goal, which can be neglected or sidelined, a holistic approach allows for a more inclusive take on your overall wellbeing. That way you won’t be wasting your fitness efforts without any gain. To this end, Sydney’s premier fitness sanctuary Embody has created the 40 Day Focus.

The 40 Day Focus is an opportunity to make a compelling change to your fitness and health, enabling you to create a structured routine for the rest of the year (to carry you through to the next New Year’s resolution). The Focus targets all aspects of mental, physical and emotional fitness, so that you can become your healthiest self. Embody, which is situated in the heart of Neutral Bay in Sydney, is known for encouraging an overarching approach to wellbeing, in order to to facilitate a healthy physique and improved quality of life. The luxury fitness studio strives to achieve wellness of the mind and body through practices that change the way you move, replenish and unplug.

The Focus includes access to; over 130 fitness classes, educational seminars, motivational workshops and industry professionals. Embody’s program covers all aspects of holistic health so that you can not only improve your level of fitness, but acquire the knowledge and skills to positively change your life. The classes range from Yoga and Meditation to weights and Personal Training, so you’ll always find something to suit your needs. You’ll have access to Embody’s wealth of wellness experts, who will ensure that you’re fulfilling your true fitness potential (perfect for those of us that try to slack off).

gym-photos-embody-neutral-bNot to mention, there’s a chance to WIN tickets to the Embody Escape, a luxury tropical escape to Fiji for two people, worth over $8,000. You’ll be able to flaunt your improved body and mind on the beach. So challenge yourself over 40 days and see how much better your health and fitness routine can be.

Contact Embody today to secure your place in one of the upcoming FREE introductory seminars:

  • Monday 13th February 7pm
  • Saturday 18th February 11am
  • Monday 20th February 7pm

PH: (02) 9904 1222
E: info@embody.com.au

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