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In terms of creating the best sleep experience, a focus on holistic wellbeing and comfort is key. To that end, Cotton On Body and Embody have teamed up for the launch of a luxurious new sleepwear range. Cotton On, purveyors of fine lingerie and sleepwear, have launched their new line of ‘Premium Sleep’ sleepwear that ensures comfort for all wearers. Where better to launch their range than at Embody, a luxury urban fitness sanctuary?

Embody and Cotton On Body share more than similarities of name – they share a commitment to wellbeing and loving the skin that you’re in. That commitment is the reason for the ‘Premium Sleep’ range, which is moisture-wicking and breathable for those hot summer nights. The innovative sleepwear is soft, stretchy and sustainable, promoting inner wellness, consciousness and health. This range promotes luxurious sleep through focusing on the comfort and wellness of the wearer.


Attendees at the launch model the Cotton On Body sleepwear. Credit: Cotton On Body/Supplied

The Cotton On range was launched with a one-of-a-kind wellbeing event that concentrated on the best ways to improve sleep and elevate general wellbeing. The key speaker at the event, Melissa Ambrosini, is a public health and wellness advocate and a bestselling author. She shared her tips for a healthy and successful night sleep, which championed the capacity of rest to enhance overall wellbeing and peace of mind.

The launch concluded with luxurious cloth for a different purpose – an Embody cocoon meditation class for ultimate relaxation. Suspended in the blissful serenity of anti-gravity silk cocoons, Cotton On guests were able to relax, unwind and contemplate how to improve their sleep patterns.

The weightlessness of the silk hammocks facilitates an incredibly restorative meditation session, where calmness of the mind can be achieved with ease. Cocoon Meditation compliments quality of sleep, contributing to deeper and increasingly regenerative rest. This type of meditation is also championed for its ability to reduce stress and inspire techniques of calm breathing, both of which contribute to greater wellbeing and, thus, ameliorated sleep patterns.


Credit: Kat Stanley Photography/Embody

Embody, which is situated in the heart of Neutral Bay in Sydney, is known for encouraging a holistic approach to wellbeing to facilitate health and improved quality of life. The luxury fitness studio strives to achieve wellness of the mind and body through practices that change the way you move, replenish and unplug. Hosting events such as this sleep-centric collaboration with Cotton On Body is just one of the approaches that Embody uses to inspire members to treat themselves better. By embracing both fitness and aspects of wellbeing like meditation and reflection, Embody educates and supports members towards a more wholesome life.

So head to Cotton On Body to get your hands on this season’s most comfortable sleepwear, and have a look at Embody fitness sanctuary for a holistic health experience like no other.

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