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AFLW players join Special K to champion women’s strength

In the lead up to the first ever opening weekend of the NAB AFL Women’s Competition, star players Moana Hope (Collingwood) and Darcy Vescio (Carlton) have partnered with Special K to inspire women to live life at full strength.

As part of the announcement, Special K will also be the official Breakfast Cereal and Breakfast Snack partner of the AFLW’s inaugural season.

Special K believes that women are strong, and when they help each other, there’s nothing they can’t achieve. Women in sport continues to grow in relevance and status, with female athletes carving out a place for women to compete at the highest level and making in-roads to sports like AFL. These athletes are the epitome of strength and are inspirational role models for generations of women, demonstrating that courage, determination and resilience are the key to their success – and nothing is out of reach.

Hope and Vescio have 39 years of playing AFL between them, and have each overcome challenges to now be competing at the top level in the sport. The two players will face-off in the opening match of the season on Friday 03 February 2017 at Ikon Park, Melbourne.

“This is a landmark year for women in sport and for the AFL, and I’m excited to be working with Special K to empower women to get involved in the game that I love so much,” Hope said.

“Special K’s mantra to live life at full strength resonated with me on the pitch and also personally. In this social media crazy world when there is a lot of expectation on how you should be, I want to see kids, women and men to embrace all that they are and have the confidence to be unique, strong and courageous.”

Vescio said she wanted to inspire girls and women around Australia to get involved in finding their strength and owning it.

“If that’s through AFL, even better! All of us have passions and people that help to motivate us and drive us to be our best, and for me I find this on and off the field. I love that footy has given me the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on kids from all communities across Australia. AFL is for everyone,” Vescio said.

As an iconic women’s brand, Special K’s sponsorship of the AFLW will support the competition in its first year and create a powerful legacy for women for years to come. History will be created in this inaugural season. No matter the winner, Special K is proud to be supporting the AFLW to grown the league at all levels of the game.

Tamara Howe, marketing director at Kellogg’s said this partnership was the first of its kind for Special K globally, and is honoured to have Hope and Vescio partner with the brand to inspire women.

“To be a sponsorship partner of AFLW was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. The league and Special K both live and breathe the purpose of inspiring strength in Aussie women.” Howe said.

“Special K has a role to play in helping women achieve their full potential by providing women with nourishing foods to help them live life at full strength and by inspiring women with role models who totally own it such as Moana and Darcy.”

The AFLW partnership is an extension of Special K’s 2016 campaign #OwnIt which aimed to raise awareness of the variety of ways women can feel good about the bodies they have, and reduce pressure on women to conform to unrealistic ideals and perceptions of their bodies. The campaign followed the Special K #OwnIt Body Confidence Survey which revealed that 7 out of 10 Australian women have an ‘I hate my body’ moment every single week.

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