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Another Valentine’s Day idea

Love, laughter, food, sex, romance. Separately they are some of life’s greatest pleasures. Combine them, and you have a recipe for seduction.

Lust at First Bite is a fresh new book for couples promoting connection, passion and intimacy through cooking and play. A cookbook with an erotic twist, Lust at First Bite combines delicious recipes for food and drink, with playful ideas of romance, conversation and seduction. Each chapter encouraging couples to ignite the spark in their relationship through food and fun.

Lust at First Bite is designed for couples to share, cook and play together. Some chapters are sweet and romantic, some thought provoking, and some just a little bit naughty. Enhanced with stunning photos by Australian photographer Simon Cardwell, Lust at First Bite is a visually beautiful book for any couple – whether they have been married for 30 years, lovers for one or two, or are just beginning to date.

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