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Choosing the perfect lawn mower

Honda Choose the perfect lawn mower

It’s easy to get lost in a dealership when choosing a mower. Engine brake, blade brake, side chute, self propelled, push mower, electric start… It goes on forever! All you really need to work out is what you want the end result to be.

In this article we go through the benefit of mulching or catching to help you decide what will work best for you.


With a side discharge mower, the grass clippings will be thrown on the lawn as you mow. This is an easier way to mow but if the grass is tall you’ll need to rake up the excess. If you don’t, the grass could leave brown streaks in your lawn. The Honda HRS216PKU Side Chute Mower would be our pick of the bunch. With a RRP of $699 it offers Engine Brake Technology safety, reliable 4-Stroke GCV160 engine and a rugged yet lightweight solid steel 21″ cutter deck.


A good mulching lawn mower will chop the grass into very fine fragments which allows the clippings to sit on the lawn and release nutrient-rich nitrogen. For this reason along with the elimination of grass dumping, makes mulching an environmentally friendly and efficient option. If you have a large property, mulching would be the logical option for you as it would save a lot of time from stopping to empty the grass catcher. The Honda HRU19M1 comes with a mulching function which allows you to disconnect the 60 Litre Catcher if you so wish. The Honda HRU19M1 is available from $839*


Using a rear bagged lawn mower will always leave your lawn looking clean and tidy. As you mow, all grass clippings will be thrown into the grass bag. Once the bag is full, you can either place the contents into a compost bin or in a yard waste bag.

Alternatively, you could spend a little more on a mower that provides you will all three options. The Honda HRX217HZU Electric Start Mower allows you to choose how you want to dispose of the clippings with a simple click of a button. This mower has an 88 litre grass bag with a 4-in-1 Versamon System™ with Clip Director® which allows you to mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shread. This mower also features a rustproof and impact resistant 21″ NeXite® Deck. This model is available at RRP $1499. In summary, chose the right method that works best for your situation and your lawn.

If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned in this article, head to your nearest specialist Honda dealer. For more information visit powerequipment.honda.com.au

*Savings based on RRP $939 for HRU19M1. Offer ends 31/03/17 or while stocks last

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