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Housing Affordability – balancing supply and demand

Housing Australia’s growing and ageing population is too important to leave to chance, said the Housing Industry Association (HIA) at the conclusion of the 2016 Housing 2030 Summit held in Sydney.

“Providing affordable shelter for our growing and ageing population is the great political, social and economic challenge now and into the next decade,” said HIA Managing Director, Shane Goodwin.

“Community demographics, housing preferences and household formations are constantly evolving and shifting the demand dynamics within Australia’s housing market. Accommodating our ever-broadening spectrum of family and single person households in ‘the right home, in the right place and at the right price’ was the recurrent message delivered by the forum of respected and well-informed speakers at the Summit,” said Mr Goodwin.

“Our national housing stock must provide choices for smaller family units, extended multi-generational households, mobile working families and our ageing retirees alike. Providing these additional homes where they are needed and at an affordable price will require a cooperative partnership between governments, communities, regulators and industry.”

“We can’t ignoring these challenges, or expect others to deal with them. We can’t leave this to chance,” stressed Mr Goodwin.

In his keynote speech to the Summit, Angus Taylor, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, pointed to the respective roles of the Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local governments in driving reforms that enable the delivery of new affordable homes that meet the needs of our growing population, and in particular uniting housing choices with employment opportunities.

“Aligning housing supply, type, location and affordability with employment outcomes in a national housing agenda provides a substantial roadmap for housing supply towards 2030,” added Mr Goodwin.

“Housing Australians, HIA’s Federal Election Policy Imperatives, provides the blueprint to develop and deliver a comprehensive and meaningful suite of goals, programs and action plans to promote strong, sustainable and affordable housing for our growing and changing population,” concluded Mr Goodwin.

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