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Trusted Surgeons – Revolutionising plastic surgery for the patient and the surgeons!

Trusted Surgeons Nicole Montgomery

Trusted Surgeons is a new revolutionary idea that is working towards empowering consumers and promoting safety by providing a platform to educate and raise awareness on the plastic surgeon industry in Australia.

Trusted Surgeons aims to achieve patient safety and satisfaction for both patients and surgeons based on their values of transparency, integrity, professionalism and compassion.

Trusted Surgeon’s will provide users with an online source to find current, consistent and reliable information for patients planning to undertake a plastic surgery procedure as well as providing an online space for surgeons to promote their expertise and patient feedback. Through education and awareness, the platform aims to promote qualified and experienced plastic surgeons by separating them from cosmetic surgeons, in order to highlight the vast difference of expertise between the two occupations.

“Knowledge is power, Trusted Surgeons is empowering consumers, through awareness and education. Trusted surgeons is not promoting surgeries or specific surgeons, we are a non- bias database to inform and support potential patients.”  Nicole Montgomery – Trusted Surgeons Managing Director

An online platform for patients’ questions, patient support and surgeon advocacy in Australia, Trusted Surgeons also aims to educate consumers and raise awareness on the imitating professionals that are using low price points to mislead consumers. This is inturn leading to complications or required revisions and therefore tainting the reputation of actual experts in the field.

Trusted Surgeons believes that patients who are prepared, educated and have researched experienced and expert surgeons will have realistic expectations on plastic surgery and will have an enjoyable journey with a positive outcome.

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