Paws for staff wellbeing makes for business success

A digital agency that allows its hardworking staff to bring their dogs to work claimed three top honours at the 2016 Sydney City Regional Business Awards.

Sitback Solutions won the City of Sydney-supported Excellence in Business, Employer of Choice, and overall Regional Business of the Year category awards and will now compete in the state finals of the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards.

The website and UX developers received recognition for achieving significant sustainable growth over the last two years, and putting in place strategies and initiatives to create stimulating and supportive workplace environments for employees.

Sitback Solutions founder Paul Armstrong also holds the ward title ‘Sydney’s best boss’ according to his staff, and shows his appreciation for employees with spa days, flexible hours, free food and allowing their furry friends in the workplace.

“Having dogs in the workplace creates a nice, relaxed atmosphere for both our staff and clients. It increases cooperation and productivity, creates necessary employee breaks involving light exercise and offers a nice element for recruitment that many offices can’t provide,” said Mr Armstrong.

“Frankie, Nala and a handful of other dogs serve as our friendliest co-workers and the best stress relievers – all anyone needs to recover from a busy day is some puppy love.”

The Rocks-based company’s commitment to being a great place to work has resulted in retaining 100 per cent of its 37 full-time staff members, who can place a doggie bed next to their desk.

Established in 2006, Sitback has also experienced a 16 per cent year-on-year revenue growth, and over the last 24 months has exceeded productivity targets.

The 2016 Business of the Year award also went to the company at the regional business awards for being the best ‘all-rounder’, with superior performance in all aspects.

Mr Armstrong said the company’s investment in new sales processes, employee training and staff engagement has paid off immensely.

“While being recognised externally is great for our branding and PR, it ultimately reinforces our key motivator of providing our clients with long-term care.

“Our industry is fast-paced, often ‘churning and burning’ its employees to reach a short-term solution.

“We’re different because we realise the cost of employees leaving is huge. We can’t be a sustainable business if the people who work here don’t want to be here – we can’t give the best to our clients.

“We’ve found the longer employees work with a client the more they learn about their business, establish trust and best service their needs. This in turn builds a lasting business relationship.

“By cultivating working conditions of joy, hard work and professionalism – including perks like having dogs at work – we can retain our employees and work with our clients long term.”

City of Sydney CEO Monica Barone said Sitback Solutions was among a talented pool of small businesses operating in the Sydney region that took home top honours at the recent business awards.

“These awards represent the diverse mix of businesses in our local government area, which at the last floor space and employment survey saw 40 per cent of all jobs growth in metropolitan Sydney,” Ms Barone said.

“The City recognises and supports the incredible achievements of our many small-to-medium sized businesses, and our business awards have always celebrated their success stories.

“As a sponsor of the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards, the City is giving local businesses and the people behind them a fantastic opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas to the rest of the state and learn from other business leaders.

“We look forward to celebrating their talents and capabilities on the state-wide stage this November.”

Nine businesses collected awards in the Sydney City regional awards program on 21 July, judged and staged by the NSW Business Chamber and sponsored by the City.

Sitback Solutions will join an impressive list of Sydney-based businesses competing with businesses from across the state for top honours at the 2016 NSW Business Chamber Business Awards on 25 November 2016.

The City is a proud sponsor of the state-wide Excellence in Small Business category award, and has recently boosted its sponsorship of the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards to create an expanded regional awards program.

The expansion will allow all local businesses from 2017 to enter the Sydney City Regional Business Awards whether or not they are members of a local chamber.

The Sydney City Regional Business Awards are held each year, with applications for the 2017 Awards opening in May and the finalists announced in July.

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