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Meeting needs of growing population

Important new community facilities for Sydney’s growing population, such as green open space, recreation areas, childcare centres and transport, will be part-funded by new developer contributions.

The City of Sydney Contributions Plan 2015, which details how contributions from developers will help the City provide critical infrastructure for local communities, has been finalised following public consultation.

The works program – to be funded in part by developer contributions – will include approximately $752 million of projects needed because of development up to 2030. These include $478 million for open space, $102 million for community facilities, $124 million for traffic and transport, and $48 million for stormwater drainage.

Under NSW legislation, all councils can collect contributions from developers to provide the local infrastructure needed by people who will live and work in their developments.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said investment was essential to meet the needs of people who live and work in new developments and to ensure there are sufficient service levels and open spaces for all.

“We’re committed to providing infrastructure that meets the needs of new and existing residents, people who work in the city and visitors,” the Lord Mayor said.

“We’ve prioritised more open space, recreational facilities, childcare centres, essential infrastructure and traffic and transport projects for the growing number of people who will live in our city.

“The new developer contributions will go to priority projects, including Gunyama Park, a new civic plaza and aquatic centre in Green Square, and five new childcare centres. They will also fund 11.3 hectares of new open space with priority given to large sites for new sports fields.”

By 2030, more than 70,000 new residents and 90,000 additional workers will live and work in the City of Sydney area. Many of these new residents and workers will be in Green Square and other urban renewal areas outside the city centre.

The City of Sydney Contributions Plan 2015 was exhibited as a draft to the public for eight weeks from 7 January to 3 March 2016.

The plan replaces the City of Sydney Development Contributions Plan 2006 and the Ultimo Pyrmont Section 94 Contributions Plan 1994. It will be the first new plan for Ultimo and Pyrmont in over 20 years to fund a new set of community infrastructure works.

The finalised plan is simpler, fairer, and provides greater transparency and accountability for developers and the community.

It includes a works program that reflects the latest population projections, infrastructure demand, strategic priorities and infrastructure costs. Funds to be raised from the contributions plans are already accounted for in the City’s $1.94 billion capital works plan and long-term financial plan.

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